Thursday, 7 October 2010

Yellow There

My mum - and therefore, vicariously, probably my dad without realising it - bought me a blank calendar for Christmas one year. I kept it, mainly because there's some doodlings by my would-be nephews in there, and partly through vanity, as you do. Oh come on, you do, right?
I quite like deciding on a theme and sticking - quite literally, *fnar fnar* - with it. Hence the yellow. And the bit of brown, but you wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to put a horse in there, would you?

Flicking back through the calendar tonight it strikes me as slightly absurd that I would spend so much time that year (2007, FYI) making sunny calendar entries when we were living above a guy who encouraged us to get out of bed at 3am every morning to record his repeat plays of Chris de Burgh's Greatest Hits - that would be Lady in Red and , yep, Lady in Red, then - on a council environmental health loaned system. I say we, but I really mean me, with a cocked broom handle. Seriously, here's another...

...Though the effort has clearly gone by September. No doubt something to do with the lack of sleep, not to mention the lack of sense, staying in a rented flat alongside a dude who sees no shame in pumping up the volume for 'My Heart Will Go On'. Or answering the door in his grundies.

I totally see where inspiration was coming from for this sketch, mind.

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