Saturday, 2 October 2010

Just Glue It

This is blu-tacked next to my door and snugly incorporates my door phone. Neat, nuh? It wasn't planned. I might have made it more snug if it were.
The details:
This came from a programme for Alvin Ailey Dance Theater (sic!)
Check the circus freakery on that. Now if they could manage that under a big top, I'd go see it, and hang the animal rights. I made this unicorn (avec now sadly departed swishy tail) ages ago, inspired by (read 'completely ripping off') Jasper Goodall. He made the cut, despite boasting the most amateurish use of drawing ink you're likely to see this side of primary school.

Jim Morrison, innit. And yet more extremities-on-arse tomfoolery. Perhaps this should have been addressed when I made the collage a few years ago...

Snug, no? No.

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