Sunday, 24 October 2010

Back to Collage

This week I turned my hand to a feminist collage. Or, at least one which features a fair few strong women.

The background is an ad for Vivienne Westwood's new Naughty Alice perfume, then I stuck down a gorgeous blue image of Mia Wasikowska aka Alice in Wonderland from a Dazed and Confused editorial. There's a portrait from a National Gallery catalogue I picked up at Beningbrough Hall in the right hand corner, a pencil illustration taken from a Bebaroque tights packet, the incredible Renee Robinson from an Alvin Ailey programme, some WAFs from a recent copy of InStyle, Leeds burlesque dancer Anna Fur Laxis from my magazine's 2009 Plush Awards programme, a peppermint cremes illustration from the original Bettys boxes, Cinderella's stepsisters from an illustration by Jeannie Harbour, printed in The Guardian, and a couple of pilots from Belgian chocolate wrappers which Tim bought me (they came with chocolate in them, too).
As with most of my collages, the detail shows an unhealthy fascination with sticking subjects' extremities in nooks and crannies. So satisfying when paper fits so snugly...


  1. nothing more staisfying than paper fitting together just-so, Rosie! x